Hello World Wide Web Stitchers!

This post officially kick starts my first blog. After working on the graphics, and getting through some basic WordPress antics, I decided it  was about time to add some content.

The layout for this blog is based on a WordPress theme called Mouse IT by TemplateLite. If you look at the original, you will see that I made several graphic changes, and tweeked the CSS, but the underlying grid is the same.

I hope this theme adapts to what I want to  accomplish on this blog. I’ve got alot to learn about adding widgets and implementing plugins. My knowledge of html, css, php, xml, etc. is all self taught by deconstructing things I see and want to imitate.

I could not have accomplished anything with out Google as a resource, and all the world wide folks who have generously shared their knowledge by posting tutorials and solutions. Often, little snippets of help have been huge enablers to my success.

When it comes down to the nitty gritty with all this web design and code stuff – I am an amateur, rather like a folk artist, untrained in using web code to create a visual statement. Naturally, I feel much more at home using pencils, paint, needle, thread and stitches.

The purpose of my blog is to contribute  – however small – to this grand web world of information. I hope to post notes and images that amuse and/or help others who enjoy learning about needlwork and artzy things.

Although, I may choose to post relevent and related affiliate links, this will be limited to a very modest attempt to monetize this site to pay for its maintenance. For career purposes, I will be offering online classes at another site: www.stitchartz.com.

I best get busy with my first post related to the name of this blog: ART  NEEDLE  THREAD STITCHES

Creative Threads to You,
Debbie Deem